Update on Two Prior Posts

I just wanted to give everyone an update on the St. James/Joseph’s cats.  The Archdiocese has agreed to meet with the Animal Coalition tomorrow.  Let’s all keep our fingers crossed.  It’s wonderful to see what can happen when we all pull together.

The second update is on the lack of clothes on New Yorkers today.  As usual I woke up to the weather report on 1010 News – the reason for this being if I don’t have time to listen to anything else, I’d like to have a clue as to what to wear.  Well the weatherman said it was 50 degrees but in the afternoon winds could gust up to 40 miles per hour and in the evening the temperature could go down in the 30’s or 40’s.  Well seeing what people were wearing today told me THEY did not listen to any weather reports.  I saw the gambit from t-shirts and no jackets to cute little cardigan sweaters.  Well me being me, I wore the little heavier jacket and put my trusty Pashmina in my bag (and even though I hate to repeat myself), just in case…

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