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Staying Warm and Comfortable

This Winter Was one of the worst that NYC has seen in a long time. It was a true test of my new underwear. What? you say, yes my underwear. You see this year I donated my old well worn cotton long johns and tops, and replaced it all with the new Hi-Tech UnderArmour. I spent some serious money,but it was worth every buck. My biggest problem is when I become active I sweat a lot, and with the old cotton underwear when that gets damp, it stays damp, and you are no longer warm and comfortable. My friend if this all too familiar than you need to switch. After you get passed the price tag, trust me, you will be much happier for it. I recommend the ColdGear Evo Longsleeve Compression Mock Baselayer Top, and the Compression Bottoms. Don’t forget the Heavy Cushion Boot Socks. You can still keep your cotton underwear and put it over the UA. Not only will will you be Warm and Comfortable,but Dry as well.