St. James/Joseph’s Feral Cats

I had lunch recently with my best friend and a friend we had’t seen in awhile.  As the three of us are crazy cat people, we were discussing what had happened with the St. James/Joseph’s feral cats.  I read them MomWitDragonTat2s e-mail as well as one that I wrote.  I told them I had gotten permission from MomWitDragonTat2s to post hers on our website and they then asked if I had posted mine.  I realized that I never did as I was more taken with my friend’s rant.  But just in case anyone is curious as to what I wrote, here it is:

“I’m sure you have received more than a few e-mails and telephone calls concerning the feral cat situation at St. Joseph’s.  What I would like to know is how men of God such as yourselves can allow these poor creatures to be treated so heartlessly?  Have you ever gone 10 days without food or water?  Why don’t you try it and let me know how it feels.  Maybe then you would have some empathy for their situation – but maybe not as so many people consider feral cats vermin.  But God created them too.  What gives any of you the right to judge them so harshly.  St. Joseph’s must relent and let the caretakers feed these animals and allow the cats to stay on the property.
What no one seems to understand other than those of us who are involved in TNR is that these cats did not ask to be feral cats.  They are the by product of what our society does when they choose to throw these innocents out on to the street because they don’t want to care for them anymore.  They do not spay or neuter them which causes over population problems.  But then when you get people who do care, and will do the right thing to help rectify a situation, you have people like the priests at St. Joseph who ban these caretakers from feeding the cats. St. Joseph’s is the only home these cats know.  To remove them and put them in another area is not the answer.   Ferals help reduce the rodent population even if they have a constant food source.  I know first hand because my friends and I do TNR and feed ferals in Nassau County. We also pay for this out of our own pockets.
I’d like to point out that God gave man dominion over the animals.  Do you think He would approve of what is being done here? I am a Catholic and I am ashamed of what St. Joseph’s priests are doing.  I hope God judges them as harshly as they are judging His creatures.  The word “human” has been taken out of the word “humane” in this situation.   I hope all who are involved can live with the choices being made here.
I have a question though.  You’re telling the public that the cats are being fed off the church grounds which the Mayor’s Alliance says is not true as the Church owns all of the property there.  Has anyone from your office physically gone down to the Church to observe the situation or are you only taking the word of the priests of St. Joseph?  Maybe if you could see these poor animals you could report back to the Cardinal and he then might make that one phone call which would save them.  Please do so.”

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