St. James/Joseph’s Feral Cats Continued

Those of us who had sent e-mails to the Church were asked by the Mayor’s Alliance to follow up with a second e-mail.  Set forth below is my second communication:

“I was hoping that I’d see something new on the Alliance website today about the feral cat situation.  But unfortunately it appears as if things are still at a standstill.

Why is that?  Why don’t any of you care?  You have received over 700 e-mails and countless telephone calls but yet the cats continue to starve.
You wonder why so many of us don’t attend church – it’s not that we no longer believe in God, but we no longer believe in you.  You preach one thing and then don’t practice it.  We are told to love one another, treat everyone the way we want to be treated, live the way Jesus did, etc.  Are you doing that?  Do you think Jesus would condone these actions, that he would treat these poor creatures so harshly?  Why is no one coming to their aid?
We who advocate for ferals do so because they do not have a voice in this word without us.  They are shunned, hurt, poisoned and worse by people who have nothing but hate in their hearts.  By what you are allowing to be done condones what others do.  If priests have no compassion for feral cats why should anyone else.  Lead by example, follow in the footsteps of St. Francis of Assisi, live the lessons you supposedly learned from our lord Jesus Christ.
Do not allow this injustice to continue, I implore you.  I pray for these animals every day.  Help God answer these prayers.
Find your hearts.”
Thankfully they finally did.

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