I think I have mentioned in other posts that  I volunteer at PetSmart every other Saturday for a rescue group in Valley Stream.  PetSmart donates this space to our group so we can get our cats seen and possibly adopted.

On one of my trips to the back I saw three big bags of cat food sitting in garbage cans waiting to be thrown out.  As my best friend feeds more feral cat colonies then she can really afford and supplies other people with food to feed their colonies, I decided to ask the manager if I could have them.  As Grandma used to say “nothing ventured, nothing gained.”

I was told that unfortunately the food could not be donated as company policy stated that the food had to be destroyed.  PetSmart cannot take the chance that someone will come back and say that their animal got sick from the food they donated (i.e., it may have come in contact with a pesticide, etc.).  As I work for lawyers, I really can’t blame them.  Perhaps if our society was not so litigious, things like this would not be necessary.

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