NYC truck routes

Very important that for all new truckers and for some occasionals, that you make sure you only use designated TRUCK ROUTES. You are to use these roads to get as close as possible to your destination, then you can get off and finish your trip.If you are caught being OFF TRUCK ROUTE, you will be fined $250 plus 2 points on your license. Second and third offenses $500 and $1000 with 2 more points each time.You can go online to to view the map of truck routes for all the five boros of NYC. You can also order FREE paper maps ,or stop in to a NYC DMV office and pick up one at information desk, also FREE

Many changes have been made by NYC that do not appear on the new map. I will be be back with the list as soon as i can complete my research, which will be in the very near future. These changes all have one thing in common,Restricted Left Hand Turns on Major Truck Routes,that will cause Minor To MAJOR headaches. If known ahead of time,It will make your journey a much Less stressful experience. I will keep you posted.

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