NYC Train Announcements

Listening to one of the many announcements the Metropolitan Transit Authority likes to play on their system, I thought to myself – “Who are they kidding?”  The “If you see a suspicious package on the train or on the platform, don’t keep it to yourself.  Tell a police officer or an MTA employee.  Safety begins with you.” 

Firstly, it’s extremely difficult to get one of the platform workers to pay attention to you.  They usually have some sort of ear coverings on so they don’t loose their hearing from hours of incoming train traffic.  Secondly, police officers on the platforms are few and far between – if they’re in the station they are at the entranceways randomly checking bags.  Thirdly, many of us can’t get a signal on our cell phones underground.  Who are we supposed to tell? 

I remember one time around the holidays I noticed a bag was left behind in the subway car I was sitting in.  It appeared to contain one or two wrapped christmas presents.  Upon exiting the train I told one of the conducters about the bag.  He just looked at me blankly.  “Safety begins with you” – right.

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