In Brooklyn, New York there is an intersection of Flatbush Avenue extension and Myrtle Avenue –  both legal truck routes.  It used to be that if you were headed Manhattan bound on Flatbush Avenue you could make a right on Myrtle Avenue and proceed deep into Brooklyn.  Now trucks can not make the turn onto Myrtle Avenue because the CITY in its efforts to go GREEN has decided to put a concrete divider that is so wide that a truck cannot physically make a right hand turn.  There was an instance where the Fire Department had to go down to answer a call (and didn’t know this new route) and the fire truck couldn’t make the turn.  Well does NYC care about what i’ts doing? It’s crazy, it’s insane.  The City is so crazy about going GREEN that it forgets about reality for its people.  What are people to do in an emergency?  How do they get down the street?  The only recourse for the Fire Department is for them to back down the street and if the fire is not there to spin around if they can to make the turn wasting precious time and perhaps lives.  But the GREENERY looks great.

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