New York City Smoking Policy

When the smoking bans were first being introduced, I was stopped by someone doing a story and asked my views on them.  I told the reporter that my concern was that once you take one right away from someone, what comes next?  Will the books I’m reading be banned or burned?  Will I be told how to dress?  I went on to say that personally I found some womens’ perfumes offensive, but do I have a right to tell someone not to wear it?  And if you’re allergic to perfume, yes it is as annoying as someone’s cigarette smoke is to a non-smoker.

Believe me I understand that smoking is not good for you but who has the right to take that choice away and dictate someone else’s behavior? 

The Mayor (who is an ex-smoker by the way) has made smoking in parks, on beaches, zoos, etc. forbidden.  Some buildings have gone so far as to post signs saying “no smoking within 15 feet of the building.”  I wonder what happens if you do??


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