More NYC Train Announcements

I thought I’d share my second favorite MTA announcement.  This one proceeds to tell all the riders that should they see an elderly, disabled or pregnant person they should offer their seat to them as “courtesy is contagious and it begins with you.”

Obviously the people who create these snappy announcements do not take the subway often.  I have seen men happily sitting there reading their newspapers or playing on their phones while an woman who looked as if she were pregnant with twins stood directly in front of them.  I mean really – they didn’t notice her?

Women on the other hand give up their seats readily.  I’ve actually gone so far as to tap someone and ask that they get that person’s attention so I can offer them my seat.   The way I see it, aside from it being the “right thing to do,” I’m also earning brownie points with the “man upstairs” for following one of his rules – the one that starts off with “do unto others…..”

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