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Hi all.  I got permission from my friend (whose blogger name is MomWitDragonTat2s) to post her e-mail to the “church officials” regarding the feral cat situation.  I mentioned her “Noah scenario” briefly in my blog yesterday.  My friend not only addresses the current feral cat situation but also addresses issues near and dear to her heart.  I hope you find her e-mail as entertaining and enlightening as I did.

Dear “Church Officials” –

I have become aware of your plight with the feral cats that have uninvited and unceremoniously invaded your property. I just want you to know, I support you. Even if no one else does. I think starving them out is commendable!

Albeit, I think you can do better. This coming from a church that is notorious for molesting little boys and protecting the pedophile priests, your actions are surprisingly benign.

Pope Pius XII’s indifference to the Holocaust actually aided the Nazi’s for Christ sake!! 8 cats… HA! How many thousands of Jewish souls perished while the Pope sat on his Holy Sees and did nothing? Why on EARTH would you save the lives of eight insignificant felines?

And speaking of Popes, what about them Borgias, huh!? Who knew one could BUY a Papacy?! I’m going to get one as soon as my 401K turns over.

The Catholic Church doesn’t even respect the rights of women in this modern era. No abortion, no birth control and definitely no support from you guys for those unwanted children, who in all likelihood will suffer from poverty, abuse and neglect. Why would they expect you to feed a few feral cats?

I believe God was being unreasonable when he instructed Noah to build his Ark so big to save all the animals. I know you would have done the easy thing and thrown them ALL off, but that Noah, being all righteous and respectable and good, saved those damn animals even though it would have been so much more luxurious for Noah and his family on a yacht. In fact, you wouldn’t be in this situation if God didn’t have a soft spot for furry creatures.

Why then, would pillars of the community and the source of Catholic faith be expected to act and serve as an example?

It is CHURCH PROPERTY after all. And what do they think “Church Property” is? Free? Open to worship? Belonging to the congregation and the mass of followers that SUPPORT the church? Who do they think they are!

It’s for priests and the church to collect donations from the people that can barely afford it, serve up lies and false faith, to line the coffers, hire defense attorney’s to keep on speed dial (never know when one of those pesky children cries “abuse!”) and guild the Vatican with gold!

Please pay no mind to the lunatics that are calling and emailing and “harassing” you to “do the right thing by showing compassion and remorse and SAVING LIVES” they have no idea what they are talking about. Just because the Catholic Church preaches this, doesn’t mean that you, yourselves actually expect people to FOLLOW it. It’s the old “do as I say, not as I do” deal. Yeah I get it. My parents used to use that with me whenever they were doing something wrong and they didn’t want me to follow their bad example.

Have you ever wondered why people lose faith? I have. I think I got it figured out. It’s usually when the ones people come to expect, those people trust, to guide them through dark times, to reinforce their faith, to show kindness when there is none to be found, ABANDON them, DISAPPOINT them, and BETRAY them. And its for this very reason the catholic congregation is dwindling. Churches are going broke all around NYC. People are abandoning the Catholic Church faster than you can starve a cat!

So yeah, I get it, don’t save the animals. Not like you are paying for it and no one is asking you to go out in just your underwear and clergy collar in the snow to collect those cats. All you really have to do is let the people on the property that care and they will do all the dirty work. But hey, saying NO just because you can say no is a powerful feeling. Not like you took an oath to God or anything.



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