This is for all you new drivers (or even tourists) who are making deliveries (or visiting NYC)  help get some good and reasonable food.  When you walk or drive the streets, you’re going to get hungry, and then the decision is WHERE to go.  The sidewalk vendors are readily available. 

You’re going to see and smell numerous food carts/vendors all over the place.  Most of them selling hot dogs, pretzles, etc.  Don’t waste your time unless hot dogs are REALLY what you want.  To me dirty water hot dogs (boiled in water with saurkraut juice for flavor) only goes so far – and the price!

Here’s a little secret we New Yorkers know.  I’d like to share and educate you on it.  New York City has a large middle eastern cuisine.  Do not be afraid to try it –  it’s something different but really good.  If you see a sign that says “HALAL meat” all that means is how the animals are handled.  Similar to “kosher” as I’m sure you already know the term. The usual plate they offer consists of: rice, vegetables and then lamb/beef or chicken (seasoned very nicely with sauces on the side) and a  drink for the  grand total of $6.00 – a major bargain in the City.  Enjoy.  The other thing on the menu is something called a GYRO. It containes all of the ingredients listed on the plate and then some . Just think of everything on PITA bread . Which is a round flatbread , that when  folded has not only the lamb and beef ,but all the vegetables and sauce it can be come a Royal Mess. As your eating this creation it becomes apparent that I’ts dripping all over your shirt and pants. Not a recommended sandwich if your going to take it back to the TRUCK 

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