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Staying Warm and Comfortable

This Winter Was one of the worst that NYC has seen in a long time. It was a true test of my new underwear. What? you say, yes my underwear. You see this year I donated my old well worn cotton long johns and tops, and replaced it all with the new Hi-Tech UnderArmour. I spent some serious money,but it was worth every buck. My biggest problem is when I become active I sweat a lot, and with the old cotton underwear when that gets damp, it stays damp, and you are no longer warm and comfortable. My friend if this all too familiar than you need to switch. After you get passed the price tag, trust me, you will be much happier for it. I recommend the ColdGear Evo Longsleeve Compression Mock Baselayer Top, and the Compression Bottoms. Don’t forget the Heavy Cushion Boot Socks. You can still keep your cotton underwear and put it over the UA. Not only will will you be Warm and Comfortable,but Dry as well.

Restrictions in Truck Routes

Here is a partial list of changes that were made to the Legal Truck Routes,that are not shown on the Map.The following are in Manhattan.
Eastbound 23st No Left Turn onto Northbound 1st avenue
Eastbound 34st No Left Turn onto Northbound 1st avenue
Westbound 34st No Left Turn onto Southbound 2nd avenue
Westbound 23st No Left Turn onto Southbound 2nd avenue
No Left Turn onto Southbound 7th avenue
No Left Turn onto Southbound 9th avenue
Westbound 14st No Left Turn onto Southbound 2nd avenue
Northbound Bowery No Left Turn onto Westbound Kenmare/Delancey street
Eastbound Kenmare st No Left Turn onto Northbound Bowery st
Eastbound Delancey st No Left Turn Northbound Christie street
Eastbound Grand st No Left/No Right turns onto Bowery st
That is it for now. More to follow,as if this was not enough.

NYC truck routes

Very important that for all new truckers and for some occasionals, that you make sure you only use designated TRUCK ROUTES. You are to use these roads to get as close as possible to your destination, then you can get off and finish your trip.If you are caught being OFF TRUCK ROUTE, you will be fined $250 plus 2 points on your license. Second and third offenses $500 and $1000 with 2 more points each time.You can go online to to view the map of truck routes for all the five boros of NYC. You can also order FREE paper maps ,or stop in to a NYC DMV office and pick up one at information desk, also FREE

Many changes have been made by NYC that do not appear on the new map. I will be be back with the list as soon as i can complete my research, which will be in the very near future. These changes all have one thing in common,Restricted Left Hand Turns on Major Truck Routes,that will cause Minor To MAJOR headaches. If known ahead of time,It will make your journey a much Less stressful experience. I will keep you posted.


Also like to add that for all truckers, especially newcomers, that a very helpful tool is the IPHONE. An app that comes with the phone called “Maps” is extremely helpful in showing the direction of the many one-way streets in NYC.  It doubles as a GPS device as well but does not verbalize (text-to-speech.)  BEWARE though that these standard map and GPS apps do not account for legal truck routes in their decisions!  For that, you need an app like the Co-Pilot Truck from ALK.  It’s in the iTunes store but doesn’t come cheap.  I don’t feel that this app is as accurate as the Rand McNally stand-alone GPS, but it takes truck routes into account far more than a car app does anyway.

Recommended GPS for New York City

I have tested several brands and models of GPS’s here in the city.  Through many trials and errors I have come to the conclusion that the Rand McNally brand units have the clear advantage over the PC Miler and Garmin truck units that I tried.  Although nothing I have tried as far as navigation units is perfect – and I don’t actually expect one ever will be 100% – it appears that Rand has done some serious investigating into what is a legal truck route in NYC and what is not!  They are available in most truck stops these days and lots of sites. However I got my unit here because there were folks who actually answered the phone when I was looking for truthful advice on these things.