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Work in progress (2012)

WTC1 next to Tower 7

The new WTC1 next to the already-completed WTC 7.


The New soon to be completed WTC 4.
This American Flag and 911 banner was hung on the steel girders by the ironworkers at the base of WTC-4.

The Sphere

The Plaque which sits at the base of the Sphere

The Sphere that was once centered in the plaza between WTC 1 and WTC 2 now sits in Battery Park nearby. Amazingly the Sphere survived the 9/11 attacks as almost everything around it was reduced to rubble.  To many of us it has become a symbol that we too were battered, but NEVER destroyed.  The Plaque which sits at the base of the Sphere gives a brief history and description of the sculpture.

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4th of July 2011 red, while, and blue Freedom Tower #I.