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More From Groupon

Just thought I’d share a few more Groupon “deals” for visitors to New York City.  They’re listing a “Skyline Hop-On-Hop-Off Tour” deal for $65.00 – the regular pice listed is $98.  They also have a “Afternoon Tea Service for Two” at the E Bar/Lounge at The Pierre – $49.00 (regularly $99).  As I said boys and girls, Groupon has great deals for visitors to the Big Apple.

P.S. – They also list a New York City Italian food walking tour for $19 – yum.


Recently a friend of mine introduced me to “Groupon” and now I’d like to share it with you.

If you’re visiting New York definitely take the time to check Groupon.  The deals they offer are time sensitive and amazing.  Discounts on everything from shows, dinner cruises, restaurants, tours, museums, spas – the list goes on and on.

Some of these offers are even tempting ME to stay in the City after work – lol.  Happy “shopping”!

NYC Buses

I normally do not take buses in the City but did so when I was here a weekend or so ago.  After seeing what happened at least four times during the half hour ride I thought I could help with this post.  We New Yorkers already know this but tourists do not – NYC buses do not take dollar bills.  They only take coins or Metrocards and after seeing the horrified looks on some faces (I actually let someone buy two trips on my Metrocard) I thought I’d share this little tidbit.

My advice to anyone visiting New York is to purchase a Metrocard (you can do so at any subway station – either at a booth or at one of the machines).  You can add as little or as much money as you want (a one way fare is $2.50) and if you take a train/bus and have to transfer to a train/bus in Manhattan or one of the boroughs you get a “free” transfer.  Otherwise, it would cost you another $2.50.

Hope this helps!

Food Tours of Manhattan

I’ve lived in New York my whole life and can’t believe I never heard about this until a couple of days ago. Since jumping out of bed in the morning to go to work is sooooooo not my style – I set the clock a half hour earlier than necessary so I can listen to the news and weather – I caught the tail end of an ad for food tours in Manhattan. Who would have thunk it? So of course I had to get on the internet and google “food tours of manhattan.” I was amazed at how many sites popped up. There are walking tours, tasting tours, gourmet food tours, the list goes on and on. Some of the prices I saw ranged from $49.00 – $65.00. Obviously, I didn’t check out each and every site – that would be “your” job to decide the cuisine and price. I think I must have a talk with Gene about this and make a date to take one of these tours some weekend. If I do, I’ll give you all an update.


Today I finally figured out that when walking the streets of Manhattan I am invisible to others.  It’s the only explanation I can come up with to explain why people walk straight at me, knock into me without an apology, lean on me in the subway car, walk right in front of me when I’m on line at the bank, etc.  I mean I KNOW I’m really not invisible (and I’m not just saying that because I don’t want to be taken to Bellevue for a quick psych exam) – it’s just I sometimes FEEL invisible. 

It gets tiresome being the only one on the street who moves out of the way – to avoid collision and serious bodily harm – when walking down the City streets, moving over on the subway so I’m not being leaned on, etc. (I have loved the word etcetera since first hearing it spoken by Yul Brenner in “The King and I”).   I guess I will have to accept the curse of invisibility as there really is only one cure – but unfortunately moving out of New York at this time is not an option.


53rd Street and Lexington Avenue Subway Station

Last night on my way home I really took the time to watch the people walking up the stairs at the 53rd Street and Third Avenue exit (FYI – you can exit at either Third Avenue or Lexington Avenue via escalator and stairs – mid-platform is an elevator) on the E and M line.  Most of the people I saw walking up those stairs looked like they wished they had turned around midway and went back to the escalator. 

The stairs are killer – trust me, I’ve walked up them and hated every minute of it.  Most times we’re forced to walk up when the escalator isn’t working and then you can’t even stop for a minute and catch your breath if need be.  The people who walk up the escalator (on the left hand side please) think they’re getting a pretty good cardio – HA – they should take the stairs and see what they’re missing.



Cirque Du Soleil

Last night I had the privilege of seeing “Zarkana” by Cirque Du Soleil.  I never saw a live performance by the troupe before and I must say they were amazing.  If you are visiting New York during the summer months the show is running for a limited time (the last show is September 2, 2012).  And Native New Yorkers please note that this is your last chance to see “Zarkana” as it will not be performed in New York City again.

The acrobats and ariel artists were amazing, the music powerful (even though I think they made up their own lyrics in an unknown language – I thought I caught a word or two in Latin, Italian, and Yiddish), and the star “clowns” had the audience constantly laughing. 

Should you decide to attend, I would suggest purchasing seats in either the first or second mezzanine as I’m not sure you would be able to appreciate some of the scenes/effects from the orchestra section.  And a little sidenote regarding the purchase of tickets – visit as I believe there is a coupon you can print out and bring to the box office of Radio City for a $30.00 – $35.00 discount (I love a bargain).  Also when you go to the box office in person you save the additional Telecharge fee. 

To those who decide to take my advice and see “Zarkana,” send me a comment and let me know how you enjoyed the show.

NYC’s Mayor

I heard on the radio last week that Mayor Bloomberg is trying to prohibit eateries, etc. from offering super-sized sweet beverages for sale as they are not good for us.  I mean really, if posting the calorie content for food and beverages at let say McDonald’s hasn’t gotten people to stop ordering Big Mac’s, large fries, and sweet tea/regular soda, I guess our Mayor has no other option but to step in and save us from ourselves.


What happened to freedom of choice?  Oh wait, I believe that went out the window with the ban on smoking.  I believe I mentioned in a prior post that once you allow one freedom of choice to be taken away from you (even if it might be in your best interest), it gets so much easier for others to be taken away too.  Hmm, I wonder what he’ll try to take away next?


New York City Transit

On my way to work this morning I had to stand on the F train.  The reason this annoys me so is that I get on at the first stop (179th Street in Jamaica, Queens). 

The real reason I had to stand, however, was because I refused to ask this young “gentleman” (and believe me I am usuing the word sarcastically) to move over so that I could sit down.  I feel I should not have to ASK someone to move over so that I may sit.  Did he really think I preferred to stand while he spralled out taking up two seats?  What made me even more angry was I know he saw the elderly woman standing near the door and wouldn’t move over for her.  Interestingly enough, she didn’t ask him to move either.

One stop later a woman got on the train, walked over to him and gestured for him to move over – which he did – grudgingly.  I just shook my head.  He saw me shake my head and his eyes then became glued to the game he was playing on his cell phone.

Did the shake of my head make him feel embarrassed or perhaps a little uncomfortable?  I really hope so.

More NYC Train Announcements

I thought I’d share my second favorite MTA announcement.  This one proceeds to tell all the riders that should they see an elderly, disabled or pregnant person they should offer their seat to them as “courtesy is contagious and it begins with you.”

Obviously the people who create these snappy announcements do not take the subway often.  I have seen men happily sitting there reading their newspapers or playing on their phones while an woman who looked as if she were pregnant with twins stood directly in front of them.  I mean really – they didn’t notice her?

Women on the other hand give up their seats readily.  I’ve actually gone so far as to tap someone and ask that they get that person’s attention so I can offer them my seat.   The way I see it, aside from it being the “right thing to do,” I’m also earning brownie points with the “man upstairs” for following one of his rules – the one that starts off with “do unto others…..”