Gene and I came into the City last Saturday night to see a play by the name of “Leap of Faith.”  Great show.  Anyway, we took the Long Island Railroad into the City.  When we arrived at Penn Station Gene suggested we walk to the theater as it was only 10 blocks away and we had time to kill.  I shot him one of those “are you nuts” looks and said “no, we’ll take the train.”  He then gave me one of “those looks.” I calmly explained that while he was King in my eyes when it came to driving and navigating the streets of New York City, when it came to “walking them” I was Queen.

Well, it took us about five minutes to get there by subway.  When he saw 44th Street jammed with people – and believe me it continued along Broadway and Eighth Avenue too – he grudgingly admitted I was right.  Sometimes it’s just great to be Queen.

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