Bloomingdale’s New York

Bloomingdale’s is one of New York’s most popular (and expensive) department stores.  It was a little weird though when walking to the “F” train to go home the other night (the “F” train is one of the subway lines linking Queens to Manhattan and Manhattan to Brooklyn) I saw police officers patrolling the building in riot gear accompanied by police dogs. Bomb threat maybe? 

Ever since 9/11 these are occurrences we New Yorkers deal with sometimes on a daily basis. Police officers setting tables up in subway stations to check bags, guardsmen stationed with uzis in Penn Station, etc.  The City is always on alert.

My office was actually open on 9/12 and yes I went in to work (even though I was scared to death).  I remember thinking that I never saw the City so empty and still.  The sky was so hazy and the smell of smoke permeated the air – even up here on Third Avenue and 52nd Street.  A military tank rode uptown on Third Avenue followed by military personnel with weapons at the ready in jeeps, something I’ve never seen since, and hope never to see again.

Many of us pray that a tragedy of this magnitude will never occur again in New York or anywhere else. At least I know I pray it doesn’t. 


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