Among the many things that NYC is famous for, is it’s Bad Roads.It not only affect’s Truck Drivers, but Pedestrians as well. The reason for this condition we are told, is that during the Winter month’s the City dumps tons of Salt on the roads,which causes widespread deterioration of the road bed. Yes that is true BUT, it wouldn’t be nearly as destuctive if the CITY would just Enforce a Rule, which they are famous for doing, that all Contractors that have to dig up the street, Put it back the way they found it. There is no such thing. WHY? I live in a suburb of NYC called Nassau County, every time they have to dig, they return the road back to the way it was, Avoiding a lot of problems in the future. They don’t use Salt, they use sand. OK there is the diference. But if you return the road back to original specs,the Salt will not be such a factor. Maintain the Roads the way you should, you would not have the problems you have.Wouldn’t it be far more economical to have the Contractor’s do the Job Right the first time,then having to come back several times after, only to never really Fix the area completely.It seems to me that the City is more concerned with much more important issues, like Bike Lanes, Flower Pots, Tables and Chairs and Painting the streets in many different colors. They have no money to do the Right things, only the frivolous. What’s the point in doing cosmetic’s, if your foundation is falling apart.

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