53rd Street and Lexington Avenue Subway Station

Last night on my way home I really took the time to watch the people walking up the stairs at the 53rd Street and Third Avenue exit (FYI – you can exit at either Third Avenue or Lexington Avenue via escalator and stairs – mid-platform is an elevator) on the E and M line.  Most of the people I saw walking up those stairs looked like they wished they had turned around midway and went back to the escalator. 

The stairs are killer – trust me, I’ve walked up them and hated every minute of it.  Most times we’re forced to walk up when the escalator isn’t working and then you can’t even stop for a minute and catch your breath if need be.  The people who walk up the escalator (on the left hand side please) think they’re getting a pretty good cardio – HA – they should take the stairs and see what they’re missing.



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