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Update on St. Joseph’s Cats

In case anyone would like to follow the St. Joseph’s cats situation, they should check Mayor Bloomberg’s Alliance for New York City Feral Cats web.  They said today that when you call the Archdiocese communications line people are being told that the cats are being fed off the Church grounds.  Well considering that the Church owns all the grounds I’d like to know how they’re pulling that one off.  I wrote to St. Joseph’s yesterday and then today to the Archdiocese asking that they let the caretakers feed the cats.  I asked if any of them had gone 10 days without food and water?  I suggested that they try it and get back to me.  I’m sure God is REALLY pleased with his representatives on earth. 

I shared the e-mails I sent with a friend of mine who said she would write too.  She asked me to take a look at her e-mail before she sent it and I must say one of my favorite lines concerned Noah and his ark.  She said that if God didn’t have such a soft spot for furry creatures and Noah wasn’t so good and kind, they wouldn’t be having this problem as there would be no animals around to trouble them.   At a later date I may ask her to give me permission to recreate her e-mail in one of my blogs – I think everyone would enjoy it.

Spring Fever Hits New York City

I don’t know if it is common in other cities, but I definitely notice that as soon as the temperature hits sixty degrees, New Yorkers feel obligated to shed clothes.  I mean really, it is not flip flop or tank top weather yet.  Even when I was in my 20’s I didn’t do this.  Then again that is because it is ingrained in me from my Grandmother’s  “this is how you get sick”  speeches, i.e., not wearing a jacket, scarf, etc., not to do this.

I met a friend for dinner on Monday night and we both were looking at people like they were nuts.  Personally we were both comfortable with our spring jackets on – I even had my pashmina in my bag JUST IN CASE… 

Yesterday it hit seventy – well you know all hell broke loose with clothing then – and that’s because weathermen are sneaky.  They love to say nice and slow on the radio that “it will reach 70 today in the city” but then rush through “it will drop back into the fifties in the evening” so people are left shivering in their t-shirts, tank tops and flip flops.  Too bad they never heard one of my Grandmother’s “speeches.”

New York City Catholic Church Starving Feral Cats

I heard about a horrible situation on the radio this weekend occuring at a Catholic Church in Manhattan. I was so appalled at what I heard I had to follow up on the story today.  I confess I am an avid animal lover (I’m a cage cleaner at PetSmart for a rescue group in my area, feed stray cats, birds, squirrels and have found the owners of dogs walking our neighborhood after escaping their yards).  So even if you don’t share my passion for animals  I think you can understand how it infuriated me and why I needed to post a link to this article.   These “men of God” have taken the word “human” out of “humane.”  They should be ashamed of their actions and I hope on Judgment Day God’s sentence fits their crimes.

My Apologies

In our quest to get this page and blog up and running, I neglected to introduce myself.  I’m Kathy (and considering the title is Kathy’s Posts that was a no brainer, I know).  I’m Gene’s wife and I’ve worked in Manhattan for 34 years.  Most of my posts will cover what I see in my day traveling the public transit system and walking around the City – which is a different perspective from Gene’s.  Other posts will probably concern some personal pet peeves.   I hope you have enjoyed what I’ve posted thus far.


Among the many things that NYC is famous for, is it’s Bad Roads.It not only affect’s Truck Drivers, but Pedestrians as well. The reason for this condition we are told, is that during the Winter month’s the City dumps tons of Salt on the roads,which causes widespread deterioration of the road bed. Yes that is true BUT, it wouldn’t be nearly as destuctive if the CITY would just Enforce a Rule, which they are famous for doing, that all Contractors that have to dig up the street, Put it back the way they found it. There is no such thing. WHY? I live in a suburb of NYC called Nassau County, every time they have to dig, they return the road back to the way it was, Avoiding a lot of problems in the future. They don’t use Salt, they use sand. OK there is the diference. But if you return the road back to original specs,the Salt will not be such a factor. Maintain the Roads the way you should, you would not have the problems you have.Wouldn’t it be far more economical to have the Contractor’s do the Job Right the first time,then having to come back several times after, only to never really Fix the area completely.It seems to me that the City is more concerned with much more important issues, like Bike Lanes, Flower Pots, Tables and Chairs and Painting the streets in many different colors. They have no money to do the Right things, only the frivolous. What’s the point in doing cosmetic’s, if your foundation is falling apart.

NYC Subway Escalators

I thought I’d share a little known fact with you should you plan a trip here in the future (that is, unknown to most people who don’t work in New York City).  It concerns the subway stations’ escalators.  The unwritten rule is that people who want to ride must be on the right hand side of the escalator and those who wish to walk up or down must be on the left side.  I’ve seen many people, both New Yorkers who don’t come in to the City very often as well as tourists, make this mistake.  Then they are yelled at from people stuck behind them to the tune of “come on, left side walks….”  Personally I believe if people want to walk up or down they should take the stairs, but no one asks me.  Now you’re in the know and can ride the escalator like a native New Yorker.

WTC1 next to Tower 7

The new WTC1 next to the already-completed WTC 7.

Pregnant Women and NYC Subways

Friday on my way home from work I struck up a conversation with a woman on the subway.  It doesn’t happen often, but this was a result of my giving up my seat to a woman with a baby, someone getting up in front of my new travel  buddy who insisted that I take the seat since I was nice enough to give up mine.  She got a seat at the next stop and we both commented how it seems to alway be women who give up their seat, not men.  She mentioned that when her sister was pregnant her sister told her stories about how men deliberately tried not to notice her, closing their eyes quickly and pretending to sleep, looking at their newspaper like they never saw one before, and not once acknowledging her and offering her a seat.  You would think that none of these men have wives, sisters, cousins, etc. who they would want someone to give a seat to.  They would probably be outraged if they were told that no one did.    Kinda funny, don’t you think?


In Brooklyn, New York there is an intersection of Flatbush Avenue extension and Myrtle Avenue –  both legal truck routes.  It used to be that if you were headed Manhattan bound on Flatbush Avenue you could make a right on Myrtle Avenue and proceed deep into Brooklyn.  Now trucks can not make the turn onto Myrtle Avenue because the CITY in its efforts to go GREEN has decided to put a concrete divider that is so wide that a truck cannot physically make a right hand turn.  There was an instance where the Fire Department had to go down to answer a call (and didn’t know this new route) and the fire truck couldn’t make the turn.  Well does NYC care about what i’ts doing? It’s crazy, it’s insane.  The City is so crazy about going GREEN that it forgets about reality for its people.  What are people to do in an emergency?  How do they get down the street?  The only recourse for the Fire Department is for them to back down the street and if the fire is not there to spin around if they can to make the turn wasting precious time and perhaps lives.  But the GREENERY looks great.

New York Rudeness

We New Yorkers are always accused of being rude. I would like to say in our own defense it probably comes down to the fact that tourists visiting our great City are on vacation – walking slowly, chatting away (most times in a language we don’t understand) and snapping pictures. This interferes with our quest to arrive at work on time – so you see, it’s nothing personal.